Welcome to new Board of Directors of NEDEA Chicago, IL Chapter (2017 – 2018)

Welcome to NEDEA

The day you first stepped foot on the NED campus as a student, you became NEDian. No doubt, you must have felt the pride then and you can continue that feeling being an Alumni of NED. You became part of a community – one of NED alumni and friends who feel connected, inspired and strong. At the NEDEA, it’s our priority to keep that community alive long after graduation. NEDEA is extremely proud in the belief of once a NEDian, always a NEDian.

With this spirit of once a NEDian, always a NEDian, the NEDEA of Greater Chicago provides a networking platform for all NEDians living in the area. This platform is an important and necessary component of NEDians life, providing support, advice and assistance to each other and their families. The primary purpose of NEDEA is to promote a long-term relationship among the NEDians living in the area while strengthening the existence of the fraternity experience. It is the duty of all NEDians to strengthen NEDEA that eventually impacts and enhances the excellence of education in NED.

Memories from 2015 Nedea Picnic