About Us


The NEDEA is a non-profit organization. Its purpose is to foster, maintain and support an effective relationship between NEDians, their families and the NEDEA University of Engineering and Technology (NEDUET). The Board of Directors, comprised of NEDUET alumni, governs the Association by setting policy, providing guidance for the programs and activities, and represents the interests of alumni to the NEDUET.

A dedicated Board of Directors will work diligently to promote programs that foster NEDian traditions of uniting their families and disseminate a desire for a lifelong involvement with NEDUET.




The overall purpose and objectives of NEDEA are:

  • Engage the diverse interests, talents and backgrounds found within NEDians that benefits itself and NEDUET.
  • Nurture and cherish the special bonds that connect the NEDians and their families to each other and to the NEDUET.
  • Preserve the rich history of NED by celebrating our traditions and building upon the accomplishments of our alumni and the University.
  • Encourage NEDians to respond to the needs of the NEDUET and to honor our tradition by sharing our knowledge, talents, resources, and time with those in need in the Chicagoland in particular and NEDians and their families in North America.
  • Raise the level of excellence in all areas of work. Actively solicit feedback and utilize our resources to continue to help each other as well as our families in the Chicagoland.
  • Work with the NEDIAN-NA in collaborative efforts that enhances the current state of NEDUET.

The by-laws that exist provide criteria and authority for functioning of NEDEA under the State of Illinois laws.

Message from the 2015-2016 BoD

As the new Board of Directors we continue to seek your support to build and strengthen our incredible NEDian community in the Chicago area. We also would like to thank the members for their well wishes following our selection to the office of the Board of Directors.

We would like to encourage all the fellow NEDians to get involved and have an immediate impact upon the success of NEDEA of Greater Chicago and subsequently its Alma Mater NED. We cannot do it without the growth of this organization. As a minimum first step, we expect you to update your profile, attend NEDEA events and stay connected.

The NEDEA network can only be stronger as you participate in it! Help us facilitate this networking and strengthening of the organization.

We really hope to see all of your enthusiasm and smiling faces together with us in the year 2015 and 2016! As you’re aware, this year we will be having our 18th annual picnic and family dinner, and you can’t have a family gathering without the entire family! Participation issues are a test for us and our success relies in changes that will eventually strengthen the effectiveness of the Board of Directors. Our focus this year will be on process improvements, resulting in changes that will lead to a stronger, more efficient organization. We the Board of Directors and alumni alike will have to respond to changes at NEDEA.


In August 1995, a handful of NEDians got together at Pakistan Day Parade at Warren Park, Devon Ave, Chicago. The NEDians group decided to arrange a picnic and invited the NEDians who were residing in the Chicago Metropolitan area. The picnic was arranged at the Forest Preserve in Kane County. After the success of the picnic, 80 NEDians decided to arrange a meeting to establish the Association. The first meeting was held at Shabbir Hassan’s home basement in Carol Stream, IL to form an alumni association. Many of them did not even know each other as they belonged to different disciplines and different batches of NED. However, that ‘NEDian feeling’ was the common connection shared by all of them. They decided to formalize that connection and as a result NEDEA was formed. The association was named NED Engineers Association of Greater Chicago, as it was intended to encompass members in Chicago, its neighboring suburbs, Southern Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana.

The objectives planned for NEDEA were to provide a social platform for the NEDians and their families, to provide opportunities of professional growth and development for the NEDians, and to keep NEDians informed of employment opportunities in their respective fields. NEDEA over the years has played a significant role in bringing NEDians living in the Greater Chicago area closer.

The founding Chairman of the organization was Mohammed Shabbir Hassan who served a two year term in 1997 & 1998. He was followed by Afzaal Hafeez, Tanweer Mallick, Khawaja Nizamuddin, Imtiaz Rehman, Khairulbashar Siddiqui, Anis Paya, Haroon Sheikh, Rashid Ahmed, and Syed Naeemuddin who each served two year terms. The current NEDEA Chairman is Badar Hussain who has been elected for a two year term.


The by-laws provide the rules and procedures for the operation and governance of NEDEA. NEDEA is a registered 501C-7 (Not-for Profit) Organization in the State of Illinois. A copy of by-laws can be obtained by clicking By-Laws.

Initially, NEDEA had seven Board members including the Chairman. However, in 2007 the by-laws were modified to downsize the Board and the number of members in the Board was reduced to five for more effective organization of NEDEA activities. NEDEA is a member of the Illinois Engineering Council.

In 2007, the by-laws were also modified to include another body to function as an Advisory arm of NEDEA. This body was named as Advisory Council (AC) and consisted of five members who were successive chairmen of the NEDEA with the exception of one member nominated from a pool recommended by the four AC members. The roles of AC are to oversee and be responsible for:

  • Conducting elections of the Board and acting as the election commission.
  • Ensuring and overseeing a smooth and timely transition of power and duties between incoming and outgoing Boards.
  • Ensuring that final report will be submitted by the current Board in time.
  • Guiding the current Board to interact with other organizations, e.g. IEC, AAEA, etc.